The scoop on Liquid Nitrogen Dewars in Pittsburgh

Liquid Nitrogen is a monochrome, unscented, noncorrosive and fire-retardant cryogenic liquid that has the same properties as the specialty gas Nitrogen. Because liquid nitrogen is non-eroding, special resources for container structure is not necessary. Due to this, liquid nitrogen can be stored in many different types of containers. Liquid Nitrogen is distributed in varying types of containers, [which depends on|depending on|considering]11] the amount the buyer would like to receive.

Dewars are one of the numerous types of containers utilized for liquid nitrogen. They can range in size from 5 to 200 liters. Some of the attributes of dewars include:


  • A pressure type liquid level gauge
  • Full tricock valve
  • Different relief devices
  • Lining to for thermal efficiency


These features tend to make the vessels safer and user-friendly.

There are a few differences in some dewars, for example portable dewars must have a tough construction and casters and are intended for low-pressure transport. Included with many dewars is a loose-fitting dust cap over the outlet to block moisture from the air from blocking the neck. This also allows the gas produced from the liquid that becomes a vapor.

Greco Gas has a product line of liquid nitrogen dewars to easily distribute and store liquid nitrogen and other cryogenic products. To learn more on how you can acquire this and other equipment in Pittsburgh contact Greco Gas today.