The Pittsburgh PurityPlus® Promise: Superior Specialty Gases, Superior Local Service

When you purchase from Greco Gas, one of 150 North American PurityPlus® Partners, you receive a great deal more than the specialty gases or equipment you buy. You also get a promise like no other specialty gas dealer. With us, you see, you’re promised an unsurpassed partnership of … 
  • Regional Availability
  • Individualized Treatment and
  • Guaranteed Quality.
Again, that’s a PurityPlus® promise, not just a list of perk. Our Pittsburgh clients will vouch for it, too.
Looking first at local availability. It’s guaranteed. So is punchtual delivery. Our location means you’ll find PurityPlus® gases and equipment consistently available and easily accessible. Even better, being nearby to you allowes us to produce custom answers that help you properly manage your “just-in-time” inventory. Sign up with us, and you will never lack for the gases and equipment so necessary to your business’s success.
Being located in Pittsburgh also means you receive genuinely personalized attention. Let Greco Gas be both a colleague and a personal business ally. After all, our intent is to quickly know your business requirements and ambitions, the more responsive service to supply. Clients are thankful for the technical competence and close consultative quality of their relationships with us. They know they’re working with savvy, experienced industry experts who have only their best interests in mind. It is a two-way street, you know.
The quality of the PurityPlus® merchandise we carry is a massive factor in the prosperity of our customer/partner relationships. To insure this quality, PurityPlus has our business – and all PurityPlus Partner production/distribution hubs – certified annually by a nonpartisan, third-party institute. To ensure that we meet – and exceed – certification specifications, PurityPlus® also invests heavily in maintaining our business. Accompanying the quality of PurityPlus® gases thus guaranteed, you can focus on finishing the work at hand. No time need be wasted on guesswork, errors, or second-guessing what should have been verified before the sale.
Missing out on regional availability, individualized treatment, and accredited quality with your current specialty gas provider? Time to change. Visit Greco Gas, your local Pittsburgh PurityPlus® Partner, today.