PurityPlus® Specialty Gases to Debut Its New Branding at Pittcon 2018


As our parent company has done for a number of years now, PurityPlus® Specialty Gases will exhibit at the next Pittcon. That, of course, would be Pittcon 2018, set for February 26 through March 1 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Signing on for this event, reputed to be the world’s foremost convention and exposition concentrated on laboratory science, allows PurityPlus® to present itself and its partners, including Greco Gas, as a technical resource to the worldwide scientists and lab administrators it pulls in from industry, academia, and government. This time, however, in Booth 3024, the company will also be rolling out its new brand identity.

What brought about the rebranding is merely a wish to reinforce and better spotlight those attributes of PurityPlus® that have long lured customers. Scientists, especially those involved in the identification, quantification, analysis, or testing of compounds and molecules, ought to find this brand message quite inspiriting. It’s best summed up in the organization’s two new slogans: “PurityPlus® Specialty Gas. There When You Need it.” And “The Perfect Mixture.”

The first slogan suggests the profound value of the PurityPlus® partner network of local, independent specialty gas producer-distributors. Greco Gas serving Pittsburgh is one of more than 150 of them at 600 installations all over the United States. In view of this, PurityPlus® is able to ensure perpetual inventory, swift delivery times, and truly responsive customer service in a way most competitors can’t. Greco Gas and all Local PurityPlus® partners deliver the right specialty gases to customers right on time, every time, everywhere.

The second slogan primarily refers to the fact of third-party certification, which guarantees the quality and purity of each PurityPlus® specialty gas – always of supreme importance to laboratory scientists. There’s more to it than that, however. What genuinely makes PurityPlus® “The Perfect Mixture” is that PurityPlus® is …

  • guaranteed certification … and peace of mind;
  • national in range … and just up the block;
  • a lab … and a delivery truck;
  • known, knowing, and knowable … yet agile, adaptable, and adventurous:
  • “The Perfect Mixture,” to be sure!

To learn more about everything PurityPlus® and its local partners like Greco Gas of Pittsburgh do for laboratory scientists, register for Pittcon 2018 today. Then see PurityPlus® in Booth 3024 come February 26 through March I next year!